Without a Compass

"Riley’s idea of a good time involves things like bubble baths. Cold white wine. Dancing with a sexy boy. From the moment he earned his own paycheque, his holidays have always revolved around room service, infinity pools and exotic sunsets.

For years, there not been a single tent pole in sight.

Until now.

This summer, his family has decided to go on a scouting retreat for his father's fiftieth birthday. Seven days of campfire cooking and communal showers. It's his family's element, but Riley feels like a duck out of the water they're going to be canoeing in.

There’s no getting out of it, though. And to compound the misery of a week spent sleeping on the ground with no WiFi and far too many insects that want to snack on his sensitive skin, his older brother has also invited his best friend. Kai is big and tough, loves hiking and anything else outdoorsy, and most importantly, is very straight. So Riley’s age-old unrequited crush on him is most inconvenient.

After an unexpected twist of fate leaves the two of them spending more time together than ever before, they discover they might have more in common than they thought. Perhaps this trip won’t be as hideous as Riley first assumed." 

Release Date: TBC

A Ballad of Confetti, Cake and Catastrophes

"Nicholas Herald had one job to do for his big sister’s wedding. ONE. So of course, he forgets all about promising to book the harpist he knows for the elegant reception. With only a week to go, and his options running out fast, he resorts to asking a busker he finds performing on the city streets to step in and help save the day.

As it turns out though, this guy Fynn is pretty amazing with his guitar, and he has the most beautiful eyes – not that Nicholas is looking. But it becomes quickly apparent that finding a musician is the least of Nicholas’s problems. Between last minute cancellations, wayward family members, and a cat with a serious vendetta against happiness, he knows he’ll be lucky if they all make it to the big day intact.

He just doesn’t have time to fall in love, let alone with a boy. However, like almost everything else in the week to come, he may not exactly have a choice…" 

A stand alone, New Adult romance with a happy ending. 100,000 words approx. 

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Glitter on the Garland

"Matt Bartlett and his family have been pulled apart in the last year by his dad’s affair and the subsequent divorce. Now Christmas is looming, and Matt and his sister are expected to play nice and share the holidays with his dad’s new family.

Lucky for Matt, his best friend Aedan Gallagher arrives on his doorstep on Christmas morning, bringing with him a much-needed blast of festive cheer and plenty of sparkle.

As they navigate Matt’s vindictive step-mother and Aedan’s own family trouble, Matt starts to realise that Aedan might be more than just a friend to him. But with everything else threatening to fall apart around them, he’s not sure if he should dare risk taking the next step. If he doesn’t though, he could lose Aedan forever."

A stand alone, New Adult romance with a happy ending.  49,000 words approx. 

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