Scorch (Homecoming Hearts #1)

At twenty-three, bad boy Blake is facing what most don't see until decades later: the end of his career. His record label has dropped his band, and he's got no place to go but home. Except when he gets there, it's only to discover his entire life has been turned into a reality TV show.

Elion isn't where he wanted to be. A barista in a town so small he knows every customer by name, his world is about to be turned on its head when Blake - and the attending media circus - walk right through his door. And like a fool, in front of thousands of viewers, Elion feels that old spark reignite.

Blake isn't sure he's a man's man, but his producer assures him that a fling will be great for ratings. It helps that Elion's set on showing him what being with a guy can really be like. As reality and fiction begin to blur, falling in love becomes tantalizingly possible. Dangerously so, as a real-life superfan decides that Blake belongs to him.

Elion will have to fight if he's to keep the man who's fallen into his arms, but Blake will also have to fight to keep Elion safe from harm.

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Spark (Homecoming Hearts #2)

Joey Sullivan’s dreams are over. His band, Below Zero, is dead and gone. He knows he’s destined for stardom, but showbiz is tough and he has nowhere to go but the last place on Earth he ever wanted to be: home. His homophobic family have spent their lives trying to tear him down. Now all they will do is gloat over his fall from grace.

Gabe Robinson loves his town. He thought he had it all: a man he loved, purpose as a volunteer firefighter, and a home to call his own. Except now he’s alone, forced to try and rebuild from scratch. But how can he start over when his heart is already broken?

An unexpected road trip brings Joey and Gabe together and the sparks fly between them, but it can’t last. Their worlds are too different. Joey plans to get as far away from home as soon as he can, yet Gabe can't imagine any other life. But when Joey hits rock bottom, Gabe is the only one who can save him. Protect him. Keep him warm.

Gabe’s saved lives before. But can he rescue hearts?

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Burn (Homecoming Hearts #3)

Raiden Jones never thought he’d need a bodyguard. His life as a songwriter has been tame to the point of boring compared to his popstar days. But when a malicious hacker starts destroying his career and threatening his life, he finds himself desperately in need of protection.

After leaving the Marines, Levi Patterson takes a place with his uncle’s private security firm. The last thing he expected was a dumb babysitting job for the bratty, privileged Raiden. However, the two men have no choice but to get to know each other as they are forced on tour with one of Raiden’s remaining clients.

Levi has never told anyone of his secret, occasional hook-ups with guys from his unit, and Raiden’s never thought about going with another man before. But it’s obvious the increasing chemistry between them is becoming more than physical, and there’s only so long they can resist.

As the hacker becomes bolder, Levi finds himself in a race against time before Raiden is taken from him forever. He’s no stranger to combat, but with his heart on the line, he finds himself in the fight of both their lives.

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Burn - One Night in Hawaii (Homecoming Hearts Freebie)

A follow up to Raiden and Levi's story from Burn: Homecoming Hearts #3

Levi takes Raiden on vacation to Hawaii where he has a very special surprise waiting for him.

4K words

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Steam (Homecoming Hearts #4)

Bad boy movie star Trent Charles is more famous for his outrageous behavior than he is for his acting these days. After one scandal too many, he manager sends him home to the snowy ski slopes of Wyoming to get his life together. No parties, no fast cars, and certainly no women.

Ashby Wilcott is done with bad boys. His heart is broken from his last relationship disaster. A few weeks of peace and quiet in the mountains is just what he needs. He is absolutely not interested in moody Trent Charles, even if he is hot enough to melt snow with his rippling muscles and mysterious ways. Good thing Trent is straight.

But the two men can’t seem to stay apart. Regardless of Trent’s protests that he’s not interested in the gorgeous Ashby in that way, he still invites him as his date to his friend’s wedding, and the chemistry between the two steams up. With only a few weeks together, what harm can they do having a little fun?

But when outside forces threaten to tear them apart, Trent realizes Ashby means more to him than just a fling. In fact, he’ll do anything to protect him. 

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Storm - Men of Hidden Creek

"I can't do this without you"

Chase Williamson was never meant to be a dad. Like it or not, though, he’s now the sole guardian of five-year-old Lyla and terrified of messing it up. He needs help, but who wants to rescue a high school dropout? Certainly not the gorgeous newcomer in town, even if he is an ex-Marine.

Hunter Duke is looking forward to a small-town life to drive away his demons. Maybe meet a nice girl? Adopting a puppy begins to fill the hole in his heart, but it’s an unlikely friendship with Chase and his daughter that really starts to make Hidden Creek feel like home.

When social services threaten to take Lyla away, Hunter knows he’ll do anything to prove that this town is wrong about Chase. Could it be that this is the family he was searching for all along?

Welcome to Hidden Creek, Texas, where the heart knows what it wants, and where true love lives happily ever after. Every Men of Hidden Creek novel can be read on its own, but keep an eye out for familiar faces around town! This book contains a three-legged puppy with attitude, a long-awaited comeuppance, and enough kisses to mend any broken heart.

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Boy Next Store


The only thing that’s got Jamie through working retail this holiday season has been staring at the gorgeous guy running the gingerbread stall across from his store at the mall. He’s never worked up the courage to talk to him though, so little does he know that Max has been eyeing him up too.

When a chance encounter with a stray puppy brings Jamie and Max together on Christmas Eve, the two of them have more in common than they thought, and the sparks fly immediately. Could it be that these three lost souls have each found a home just in time for Christmas? 

15K words

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Boy Next Store


When Leo Thorne runs into his old high school crush Dainton Cane on Valentine's Day, could this be a second chance at love for both of them? 

4K words

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