Chapter Five

Merry and Bright

They stayed up on the roof for a while, alternating between watching the snow silently falling and kissing each other tenderly. But soon, the kisses became more urgent, passion brewing between them. Once they began to shiver, Aedan tugged on Matt’s coat.

“Seeing as it’s now Christmas,” he said, fluttering his eyelashes, “I think you should open your present.”

Matt licked his lips and wrapped his arms tighter around Aedan’s back. “I thought my present didn’t arrive?”

“Well,” said Aedan, rolling his eyes. “I forgot that you already have the best gift you could ever wish for right here.” He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows, mischief clear in his words.

But Matt looked very serious as his gaze raked up and down Aedan’s body. “Damn right I do,” he said. “And seeing as I’ve been oh so good, I think it’s only fair I get to open it. Now.”

Aedan’s heart rate sped up. He nodded, pulling Matt back towards the door that led back into the apartment complex.

By the time they were in the stairwell they were kissing desperately, hands roaming under clothes, seeking warm skin to touch. It was a miracle neither of them tripped as they fumbled their way down the steps.

“I hope no one comes out thinking it’s Father Christmas making all this noise,” said Aedan giddily.

Matt urged him through the door back onto their corridor. “I’d better get you into bed quick then,” he said, his voice husky.

No matter how many times they did this, Aedan still came undone every time like it was the first. Except this was better than the first time they made love. They’d been young and clumsy with more enthusiasm than skill. Now, after countless tumbles between the sheets, they knew just how to drive each other crazy.

The building was safe enough that they’d not bothered to lock the door for their little venture upstairs. Therefore, when Matt pushed Aedan’s back against it, it opened easily with a click.

Matt paused to lock it behind them for the night, giving Aedan the chance to flick off the main lights, just leaving them with the glow of the white fairy lights Matt had strung up that afternoon. It looked like Aedan’s winter wonderland after all like that.

He yanked Matt back to him once the door was secure, exploring his mouth with his tongue. Between them, they first divested themselves of their outdoor wear, then Aedan tackled the wonderful, ugly Christmas jumper.

Every now and again, he would remember that Matt had never slept with anyone else but him. Not that he felt there was anything wrong with sowing one’s wild oats. But there was something undeniably special about knowing that no one else had ever been granted the precious gift of touching Matt when he was completely naked. Vulnerable and pure and beautiful.

Aedan snorted. Okay, he was maybe still a bit drunk. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t thinking honestly. Matt’s body was all his. Equally, his body was all Matt’s. Aedan considered the guys he’d been with all those years ago as simply practice. He and Matt had grown and learned so much together. Yet, every time they made love it was different, even if it was only in tiny ways.

Aedan smiled against Matt’s lips as they stumbled over the threshold, their clothes peeling away as they neared the bed. Their bodies had changed over the years, bulking out from those scrawny teenagers they used to be.

“Babe,” Aedan rasped.

Matt kissed down his throat and along his clavicle. Aedan slipped his fingers through Matt’s thick, brown hair, allowing himself to be pushed down onto the mattress. Matt straddled his hips and pulled Aedan’s t-shirt – the last layer of clothing on his chest – over his head and tossed the garment on the floor. He had a hungry look in his eyes.

“Yes, gorgeous?” Matt asked, a teasing glint in his eye.

“Nothing,” Aedan said with a grin. “Just wanted to say it.” He pawed at Matt’s own t-shirt. “Off please. More hot body.”

Matt smirked and did as he was tasked, revealing his wide chest and delicious pecs. He wasn’t overly muscular; Aedan wasn’t so into that. Of course, he’d love Matt however he wanted to have his body. But like this, built but not too bulky, he was absolutely divine.

Aedan enjoyed feeling Matt roll his hips over Aedan’s while he ran his hands over Matt’s chest. Aedan bit his lip and looked up through his eyelashes.

Today had felt like it was going to overwhelm him completely earlier. Like the blackness might swallow him whole. He hadn’t realised how much his low mood had been creeping up on him these past few weeks, gradually getting worse and worse.

But now, thanks to Matt, it felt like the dam had burst and he was all right. Now he was ready to soar again, to start living again, for real.

Matt attacked Aedan’s jeans, flicking open the button and drawing down the zip. It wasn’t long before he freed Aedan’s cock so he could stroke it. Aedan gasped against Matt’s mouth. He wanted to be completely naked under Matt, to surrender to him. So he squirmed his way out of the skinny jeans and briefs, then Matt helped yank them down and off his legs.

Matt was easier to strip out of his joggers, the elastic waist slipping easily over his hips to allow him to kick the sweatpants free, leaving them both naked.

“Come here,” Aedan said.

He was lying on his back, looking up at Matt as he followed Aedan’s instruction and crawled up his body, offering his own cock up for Aedan to lick and suck. Matt gripped the headboard and hovered above, moaning as Aedan swallowed his head and fondled his heavy balls.

“Yes, babe,” Matt whispered. Aedan loved it when he used his own favourite moniker.

Aedan released him with a pop. “Do you want to come like this?”

Matt shook his head. “Can we fuck?” he asked. He moved back down to kiss Aedan’s mouth and grip the cheek of his arse. Aedan shivered.

Sometimes, he liked to play and put on a show for Matt. They would often switch up positions depending on who felt like what. Aedan felt confident and secure to try anything with Matt. But there were times he just needed to be claimed.

This was one of those times.

Matt loomed over him, a possessive look in his eyes as he gripped the back of Aedan’s head to kiss him tenderly.

“Yes,” Aedan told him. “I want you inside me, please.”

Matt nodded, kissing him again, biting his lip and thrusting with his tongue. He was desperate for Aedan, and that turned Aedan on even more.

Aedan lay back and watched as Matt reached over to the nightstand for the lube. They hadn’t needed to bother with condoms for years. Aedan loved the sensation of nothing at all between them, like they melded into one when they made love.

He brushed his hands up and down Matt’s arms as he squeezed the silky gel onto his fingers. Already he was relaxing his body, preparing to let Matt in. Matt smiled down as he began to stroke Aedan’s hole, pressing his middle finger inside like he had so many times before.

“You look so beautiful,” he said, kissing Aedan’s lips gently.

Aedan grinned and flicked his eyebrows. “Good enough to eat?”

Matt snorted, but he still began kissing his way down Aedan’s chest. Despite his eagerness to feel Matt’s hard cock up his arse, Aedan wouldn’t say no to a quick bit of foreplay, especially if it loosened him up a bit.

Matt continued trailing kisses down his stomach, his finger still pulsing in Aedan’s hole. Aedan groaned and gripped the sheets as Matt licked his cock, sucking on the tip briefly before carrying on to kiss and nuzzle his balls.

“Yes, yes,” Aedan gasped.

Matt slid his finger free as he licked along Aedan’s perineum. They used flavoured lubes, and Aedan happened to know this one was a festive orange and spiced cinnamon because it was one of the early Christmas purchases he had made. Matt obviously approved; he hummed as he began to lick it from Aedan’s loosening hole.

“Oh my god, yes, like that,” Aedan cried.

He was tempted to wank himself off, but he wanted to wait, to make the release even better when it finally came. Instead he writhed on the bed as Matt ate him out, pinning his hips down so he wouldn’t wriggle as much.

Aedan could have taken it for hours. But he needed Matt more than ever now. So after a few minutes he reluctantly ran his fingers through Matt’s hair.

“Want you,” he begged. “Now. It’s okay.”

Matt wiped his mouth and raised his eyebrows. Aedan nodded. He’d do the rest of the work as Matt slid inside him.

Aedan bent his legs up so his knees were almost at his shoulders, his heels by his hips. He moaned as Matt cared for him, pressing two fingers inside.

“Yes, oh, babe, yes.”

He reached down to stroke Matt’s dick, making it fully erect as it dripped a little precum. Aedan yearned for it to fill him. He wanted to feel Matt with every inch of his body.

Aedan found the lube and slicked Matt’s cock up so it was gleaming in the ethereal fairy lights. Matt smiled and kissed Aedan passionately. He tasted of orange and cinnamon. Matt removed his fingers then lined himself up and nudging his way inside. Aedan gasped at the intrusion, but it was familiar and welcome. More pleasure than discomfort.

“Yes, babe, just like that,” Aedan mumbled between kisses. “Does it feel good?”

Matt was panting. “So good,” he stuttered. “God, you’re gorgeous. So perfect. All mine.”

Aedan smirked and kissed him with glee, both from happiness and the lingering wine in his veins. They both did like to talk nonsense while they were fucking sometimes. But he loved it. It was raw and uninhibited and so very honest.

“All yours,” he agreed as Matt pushed his way in further. Half the time, it took too long to prepare for full anal. When they were horny and happy and had work the next day, blow jobs and frotting did just fine. But, Christ. It was so worth it when they took the time to go the whole distance.

There wasn’t much talking as Aedan focused on relaxing, opening up and letting Matt in. They hovered with their mouths millimetres apart, gasping in each other’s pants and grunts. They both had their fingers gripped into the flesh of the other’s back. Aedan’s cock thrummed as it bumped against Matt’s belly.

When Matt bottomed out they both uttered cries into the quiet flat. Their space. There was no holding back between these walls.

It didn’t take Aedan long to grow accustomed to Matt’s intrusion. He rolled his hips, thrusting his arse upwards, urging Matt to find his prostate and set him alight with pleasure. They were kissing again, undulating until Matt’s cock brushed that magic bundle of nerves and Aedan wailed.

Matt was trembling all over. “That’s it, sweetheart,” he stammered.

“Yes, yes,” said Aedan, urging him on.

They thrust together, the sounds of their cries of ecstasy and slapping of skin bouncing off the walls. Aedan felt wholly complete.

Sometimes he begged to slow it down at this point, make the pleasure last. Not tonight. Tonight, he chased his release.

He cradled Matt’s face with one hand, digging his fingers into his flank with the other. They looked into each other’s eyes as Aedan felt his climax build.

“Don’t stop.”

Matt shook his head.

They moved as one, their urgency building to an unavoidable conclusion. Matt took one of his hands and grabbed Aedan’s cock.

A couple of tugs was all it took.

Stars exploded behind Aedan’s eyelids as his entire body convulsed with the force of his orgasm. Matt plunged into his body again and again, until his back snapped upwards and he quivered as he peaked to perfection.

Aedan clung to his beautiful lover as his senses gradually returned to him. They gulped down breaths, slowly coming back to the world.

Matt kissed him softly. “That was amazing,” he said sleepily. Aedan nodded. His whole body felt like jelly.

“I love you,” he said, caressing Matt’s jaw and his lips.

Matt kissed him again. “I love you too, Aedan.”

It was rare that they ever actually called each other by their given names. It made the moments they did special. Aedan already felt like they were sharing something particularly poignant after the day he’d had, but that sealed it.

Matt slipped out of him gently, cleaning the cum from their bodies with a couple of tissues. They were covered in a sheen of perspiration, their hair plastered to their heads and sweet-smelling lube smeared numerous places. But Aedan didn’t care. He was sore in all the right ways and felt a contentment deep in his heart. He pulled Matt back to him.

They laid side by side, gazing sleepily at each other in the faint illumination from the fairy lights. It was all Aedan needed though to look into Matt’s eyes as exhaustion crept through his bones.

He didn’t need to tell Matt that he loved him again. He already knew.

Finally, Aedan was able to let go of all the troubles that had been plaguing him, allowing them to melt away. He shuffled over to rest his head on Matt’s chest, and they held hands in the near-darkness as sleep eventually took them.

Aedan’s final thought was that he couldn’t wait for Christmas in the morning.  

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